1st of October

by Nina de Haan

Last Saturday, the 1st of October, was a big day for the Dutch woman. Glamour Magazine organized their annual National Glamour Day for the sixth time. During that day, everyone carrying a Glamour Magazine gets discount at 38 selected stores and brands, including free fries at FEBO (you’re even free to choose your favorite sauce!). When subscribed to Glamour, you have a so called Gold Card, which is good for more discount and even presents when you spend enough (only in selected selected stores). When you come to the Netherlands, chances are that the first two Dutch words you’ll learn are korting and gratis, meaning discount and for free. You can tell: I just had to go.

So that’s what I did! I grabbed a friend and went to Amsterdam. Now I have to explain why Amsterdam. Well, I didn’t care that much, since the big brands are well represented in the big cities, so you won’t miss much when you just choose one of those. Fact is that Amsterdam has like six H&Ms in the standard shopping route only, to give an example, so chances are big your size is available in at least one of the shops. Big disadvantage: New Look isn’t present in Amsterdam. It also is crowded over there because of the tourists (they have a sex museum, you know), but it was a Saturday, nice weather, korting and gratis; I expected all big cities to be crowded.

Here comes the part you’ve been waiting for! (Or not. I mean, you were able to see the image the whole time, it surprises me that you actually read the whole thing.)

Let’s start! The yellow bag is from Bershka, just as the corset. Unfortunately Bershka wasn’t one of the selected stores (I suppose it was in the beginning), so I had to pay the full price there. They also had the bag in black, brown (leather), burgundy (according to the website, I’ve never heard the word before) and blue (greenish), but I thought the yellow one was the weirdest so that’s the one I took. Plus it reminds me of this amazing buckle bag with no buckles of Shini from Park and Cube. The corset is real pretty. I’m not sure if I’m going to wear it just like this, since it’s not casual in any way, but maybe at a party with a cardigan or under a big fluffy sweater, so no one knows it’s there except me (yes I know that’s stupid, I am stupid). The blouse and the shorts are both from H&M, where we got 25% discount thanks to a borrowed Gold Card, YES! I don’t think they need an explanation.

Not in the picture, but I also bought three standard tops with spaghetti straps (I am not sure if that’s an international term, but we use it here): one in black, one in white and one in something like this:  , a mixture of red and brown and orange and even a hint of pink (or maybe not, I don’t trust myself with these things). This color may has a fancy name too, I wouldn’t know. Anyway, it is autumnish.

So, that’s that. I hope you enjoyed my first real post up here. I really hope there won’t be more posts like these of my hand in the near future, because I am not really allowed to spend money, since every day I am getting closer to being out of it. I should probably get myself a job (instead of a blog, stupid stupid). And for the ones who are wondering which sauce I had with my fries: it was peanut, just like last year.