by Saskia

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a time-travellinghumanoid alien known as the Doctor who explores the universe in a sentient time machine called the TARDIS that flies through time and space, whose exterior appears as a blue police box. Along with a succession of companions, he faces a variety of foes while working to save civilisations, help people, and right wrongs.

So, now you know what Wikipedia says about Doctor Who. If you have never watched Doctor Who, all the above sounds a lot like nonsense probably. But to me (and other Whovians Doctor Who fans) it all makes a lot of sense. Let’s start from the beginning. ‘Time-travellinghumanoid alien’ just basically means an alien which/who looks like a human (but has two hearts and never actually dies) and travels through time. His time machine has feelings and is called the TARDIS, which is short for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, and it flies, as you can read above, through time AND space.


The series originally started in 1963 and ran until 1989, with a Doctor Who film in 1996. In 2005, the series restarted again and are still up and running on this day. If you are wondering how they do it with actors getting older and stuff: they are so smart. There is this thing if the Doctor would die: he can regenerate. This means he gets a new body and to some extent also a new personality. Hell yeah! <3
Until now, there has been 11 Doctors, which basically means 11 actors who played the Doctor. Number one is obviously called ‘The First Doctor’ and for now the last one is called ‘The Eleventh Doctor’. To be honest, I’ve only watched from the Ninth and on :’) And my favorite is the Eleventh.

Now we’re almost there! Every Doctor has it’s own companion. Some companion see different Doctors (so basically, they see the Doctor die), for example Rose, who travels with the Ninth and Tenth Doctor. After Rose, the Tenth travels with Martha, and after Martha it’s up to Donna. After Donna there’s a series without one companion, but every episode kind of has its own. Then the Tenth turns into the Eleventh and Amy becomes the companion (and later Rory and River join). Wow, this doesn’t make any sense now, does it?

From left to right, upper row: Nine (Christopher Eccleston) & Rose (Billie Piper), Ten (David Tennant) & Rose
Middle row: Ten & Martha (Freema Agyeman)
Lower row: River (Alex Kingston) & Rory (Arthur Darvill) & Eleven (Matt Smith) & Amy (Karen Gillan), Ten & Donna (Catherine Tate)

End of the story: there is a Doctor which has a friend, they travel through time and space and deal/fight with aliens in the future or visit famous people in the past (Dickens, Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Hitler, etc.)

Now here’s a little something to turn you into a Whovian!

So, that was a pretty nerdy post. But hey, this is my favorite show well, one of many actually so I could not NOT post something about this! I think it is a  really awesome show as it has such a great history. Apparently there is a great amount of fans to keep this show running and it is great that from all over the world people have the same fandom. I know other shows have that too, but I have the felling with Doctor Who, fans are more connected somehow.
I like the way they put in history and future in the same show without making it weird. It’s fun, but mature at the same time. It’s not all about love, but it still has some in it. The fact that you can watch this show and just forget about ‘real life’ for a moment makes it great for me. Even though it is science fiction, I like to fantasise about ‘what IF…’ How great would it be to actually be able to go back in history and meet that artist you admire, go to the future to see cars flying, go to see Mars or just go to another place and meet your favorite celebrity? I can keep fantasising for hours..

Well, that’s it for now. Geronimo! [/which is a quote from Eleven, teehee : D]