I’m With You review

by Nina de Haan

Everyone knows the Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) to some degree. A little while ago I was with the ones who only know some of their singles, because these happened to become popular and were played on the radio, constantly, may I add. Then I decided that I did like those singles a lot and that it couldn’t hurt to just download the whole discography. So that’s what I did, not completely legal. I began to listen to it and deleted what I didn’t like that much, remaining By The Way (2002) and Stadium Arcadium (2006) and mostly the singles of the others. These albums contain some pretty good stuff! I recommend – okay there’s too much to choose from. But the singles do set a great example.

But I was not planning to babble along on the old and well-known shizzle. So, onto the new stuff! This year, on August 26th, the new studio album I’m With You was released! I am not really on it since today we’re in October, but what the hell, I am writing this (and you are reading, ha!).

The album artwork

The first single of their tenth album was The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie and this was the first thing I’ve heard, naturally. I like the song, mainly the chorus. When listening to it on replay (I tend to do that when I like a song), it does get kind of boring (a little, sometimes), because the rhythm doesn’t vary much. But I didn’t do that yet when I bumped upon the CD in the record store. I bought it with the idea that I had listened to RHCP a lot without paying a cent, so even when I’m With You would be bad, me buying it would improve my karma.

Wikipedia says the next single will be Monarchy Of Roses, which is the first song on the album. This song switches between two ‘styles’, which makes it interesting, but it can be annoying somehow. This is mostly in the beginning, and after that it takes you away. I think it is a good opening of the album, because it really ‘builds’ from the beginning to the end. I am not sure if it’ll work as a single though, but I guess they know it will.

Further, I love the sound of Anthony Kiedis’ voice and therefore I absolutely don’t see why they have a woman joining him in Did I Let You Know and Meet Me At The Corner (here I am not completely sure if it isn’t just a computer). I don’t know who she is and I don’t want to know. Nothing against her, but I prefer a man’s voice over a woman’s and when I am listening to RHCP, then I don’t want to suddenly hear someone I didn’t choose to hear. So there, I said it. – Okay, this is embarrassing. A friend just told me it isn’t a woman, it’s just Anthony, squeezing his voice into a totally different sound. To me, it’s still a woman’s voice. Go hear for yourself.

I would like to describe the music for you, but I found out I am terribly bad at that. But to give you something: the style is quite similar to the style of By The Way and Stadium Arcadium, which I find really good, as I wrote earlier. I like how it’s peaceful, but not at all boring.

Since I can’t tell you how it sounds, my suggestion is that you go listen to it yourself! (Or you google for better reviews.) You’ve probably heard The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie by now and you will hear Monarchy Of Roses on the radio soon, but further I recommend Look AroundHappiness Loves CompanyEven You Brutus? and Dance, Dance, Dance. Of course you can also just listen to a random song, I like them all (but not equally of course or at all times or on repeat, hehe). And if you do, tell me what you think!