We are living in a material world

by Saskia

And I am NOT a material girl, no matter what Madonna sings. Today, I found out AGAIN that I’m not a material girl, not at all.

Thewackydeli @ Tumblr

Thewackydeli @ Tumblr

I don’t care too much about money. I save, but not for a special reason. I just don’t spend my money. There is no special reason, I’m not stingy, but I just don’t spend it. Some people don’t understand me at all. Sometimes, I don’t even understand myself! When I see something nice in a shop, I think twice before buying, even though I have enough money to buy it. I even wonder why I work sometimes, as I don’t need the money…

But today, I was mind-blown for the millionth time on one special subject. Blood donation. I’m a blood donator for almost a year now and went for my third blooddonation today (which failed miserably, as my blood was running too slow and I couldn’t fill up the bag to half a liter, so it’s only used for scientific reasons now, bummer). As I told some people, I got responds like “Oh how nice of you! How much do you get paid?” I’m sorry? Paid?! I don’t get anything besides a cup of tea and a sandwich! I don’t want anything besides that!

How can people assume that you get paid for a blooddonation? I know that in some countries you DO get paid and well, I wouldn’t reject it, but I would give a part to a special cause for sure, if not the whole amount. I honestly don’t get that people wouldn’t donate if they don’t get paid, I seriously don’t. Vice versa, people don’t get me I do it for free. When I think about it, it is not logical, I get that. You volunteerly have pain when they put the needle in, it’s hard work to get the blood out (for me, as my blood’s not that eager to go out) and you feel weak for several days afterwards, sometimes even with a bruised arm.

“WHY?!” I hear you think. Because other people need it. Badly. Unfortunately, I experienced  with someone quite close to me what it means to lose 1,5 liters of blood and what consequences this could have. For me, it’s just a few days of pain and weakness, for them, it might mean to be alive instead of – well you know what the other thing is. That’s why I go through that pain, to help others. And that’s what I get for my donation. A good  feeling afterwards, besides the pain. The feeling of helping someone, of maybe even rescuing someone. That’s all I need.



I don’t care about money, I care about other people and feelings. I’m not saying that people who care about money, don’t care about other people or feelings. I’d rather have a really nice job which makes me feel good and which pays a little less, than a job I’d be bored by and pays loads of money. I’d do almost anything to help someone who needs help, where I can help. I don’t understand why not everyone is like this. What would make people decide “Oh no, I’m not doing that, I’m not helping!” ? In some situations I can understand I think, but for the blooddonation? Why wouldn’t you? Why not donate your organs after death, you certainly don’t need them anymore (although that’s another topic, which I will probably discuss later).

Sometimes I really feel like an outsider in a material world. But then I realise: that’s not a bad thing at all. Maybe I’m too social at some points, but I think that’s more a good characteristic than a bad one.

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Who else than Madonna?!