Pretty organs

by Nina de Haan

Fashion brand Monki doesn’t get me warm. Their clothes are innovative and all, but mostly made of cheap materials and sold for high prices, if you ask me. Oh and the dressing rooms have holes in their doors. True story.

While being there, because you never know, I picked up Monki Magazine autumn 2011, The Spooky Issue.

I’d like to show you the page I like the most.

It’s a picture of an artwork made by Risa Tai, who is a freelance jeweller slash artist from Taiwan, based in London. Risa: ‘I lost one of the little pieces of The Organs piece. I didn’t realize until I took pictures of it. The lost one is the Heart.’ She also says she doesn’t think her works are ‘pretty or enjoyable in a way’, but I sure think this one is!

I really love it. I study Biology and I am currently attending Human and Animal Biology (the second part), all about the stuff you see in the artwork above! I think I am going to frame it in my room.

You can find Monki Magazine here online. For your easy click: the big version of the artwork, more on Risa Tai and here’s a nice idea for halloween treats (it makes me hungry).

PS Another comment on Monki: Why do they give their items ‘human’ names? Risa wears sweater Betty and carigan Rosa by Monki. How idiotic.