10 alternative reasons to be glad the summer is over

by Nina de Haan

As you might’ve noticed, autumn has fully arrived. Here in the Netherlands when you would want to catch some sunshine – well, there is just no way of doing that. But that is also a good thing! Now at least we don’t have to be worried about getting sunburnt. That helps, right?

There are plenty well-known arguments that winter is actually great, but we’ve heard them all and are not yet convinced. So here I am with 9 more alternative reasons to be glad the summer is over!

  1. You don’t need sunblock, but the same goes for your lemon scented candle: you sure aren’t getting stabbed by mosquitos!
  2. When you are being lazy, bad weather brings you a good excuse to not leave the house: you are freezing. Solid as a rock.
  3. Suffering from the cold improves the solidarity. We are all in this together. Hold that thought!
  4. With the leaves falling from the trees, those trees won’t be blocking our view that much! Don’t you have a cute neighbor to spy on?
  5. With the sun long gone, you won’t be confronted with people bragging about how tanned they are while you are as pale as ever.
  6. Clothes don’t only reveal the lack of pigment, but also an excess of hair. So give yourself a day off and enjoy your extra five minutes in bed.
  7. With the sun available only a few hours a day, you have lots of time for stargazing, you can even do it in the afternoon!
  8. You look even cuter when wrapped in scarves, with blushing cheeks and with snow in your hair.
  9. When it’s cold outside, it’s amazing to come home, where it’s warm and cosy.

Are you getting excited yet?