Sexiest Man Alive 2011

by Nina de Haan

According to the readers of Glamour Magazine UK this most handsome man is called: Robert Pattinson! For the third time in a row, he must be real eye candy then. He’s famous mostly because of his role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and because he got to be glittering Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga soon after. I have to say I did find him very attractive when he appeared on screen as Cedric, but I’d never seen any Twilight movie so I couldn’t really judge. I guess Twilight is quite a thing for teenagers, but it surprises me that a man starring in such a movie could be first in a competition like this, hosted by a grown-up magazine like Glamour. Okay, Robert I can understand, but Justin Bieber’s? He’s just number 45, but still: seriously? I am sorry if I’m offending diehard Bieber fans here.

After I discovered that Robert Pattinson is even more popular than I thought, I began reconsidering watching the first Twilight movie; maybe I should see for myself what all the fuss is about. And today, because I didn’t feel like studying (to be fair: I never feel like studying), I decided to give it a go. I watched the first half and I have to say: I like it! Yeah, he is attractive. I do think it is partly because of his role, though. Edward is supposed to be handsome, the girls even say it out loud. I think this influences the way you look at someone. Maybe if he played someone totally ignored by all those girls, you wouldn’t even come to think of how pretty he is. Also he’s mysterious and intriguing and of course he is a vampire, who doesn’t want a vampire as their lover?! Also I like his wild hair and his dark eyes in contrast to his pale skin (it makes me wonder how many make up he’s wearing, but okay). And his red lips… Further I would call him ‘standard pretty’, because all his features are just right: good eyes, good lips, good nose, good cheekbones, etc. Just like the sims you make, they are standard pretty too (you can even use the standard pretty template). But hey that goes for most actors and famous people really. I am not complaining, he is gorgeous.

Some notes on Twilight: what is the glittering about? And in the scene when you see this for the first time, he is talking to Bella about how an amazing predator he is. Can’t he just stand in front of her while doing that? Or walk a little, that’s fine too. But I don’t get what the ‘I am showing you now how fast I can move’ is about. We know it’s all fake, okay? And this doesn’t have anything to do with Robert, but I find it disturbing that Bella’s voice doesn’t show any emotion, it seems neutral all the time. You aren’t neutral,  you just found out you’re with a vampire, act like it!

Last year I tried to compose my own sexy men list, but I failed badly. I just don’t know enough famous men! I do know Dutch actor Jan Kooijman would make the list (go ahead, google him), just as Wentworth Miller for his role in Prison Break (why isn’t he in Glamour’s list anyway?) and not to mention Orlando Bloom! But that’s it really.

So, what do you think of Robert Pattinson and who’s in your sexy men list? Or if you happen to be a guy: who’s in your sexy women list? If you aren’t sure yet about the men: take a look at Glamour’s selection by going to their website and make your pick!

PS This is the picture of Robert Glamour included on the website. It’s kind of a letdown, isn’t it? He looks horny or something.