Panda bread

by Nina de Haan

This task has  been on my to do list for ages: Make a panda bread. I read about this recipe on Perfect Pandas on Code For Something (which is one of my favorite websites by the way, you should definitely check it out) a while ago and ever since I’ve been wanting to try it out.

After a long two weeks filled with in total five exams, today, after our last exam, we finally got to breathe again. (This exam was partly about breathing and the whole respiratory system. I tell you, it is hard to not stop breathing when you read about it. Or when you write about it, for that matter.)

Anyway, today was the perfect day to finally do it! I got a friend enthusiastic and after some more hours of hard work, this is the result:

It’s a rather sad panda, isn’t it? Please don’t tell me you don’t see it at all… No, honestly, I find it hard to see it either, but it doesn’t bother me that much. I never baked something like this and I think it still looks really nice. Thereby I was really surprised about the taste! The green outside is colored with green tea powder and the brown is cacao and we were a bit afraid it wouldn’t taste at all, but I like it! It reminds me of the bread of Dutch sausage rolls, worstenbroodjes, which I haven’t had in a while, since I’ve become a vegetarian, so it was a nice surprise.

So even though the panda may look sad, I am glad with the result and I recommend the recipe/method. If I made you enthusiastic too, here’s a little something: After step one, you have to put everything except the green tea and cacao together. It is kind of obvious, but the recipe doesn’t say so. Maybe it was too obvious. Also be careful putting the bear together, apparently we weren’t careful enough.

Now if you don’t mind, I am going to catch up on sleep.