1001 days

by Saskia

101 goals to do in 1001 days. It sounds silly, but this is an actual project, called Day Zero Project. I already participated once, but never finished. As there are so many things I want to do, I thought it would be a good idea to start a new list, get an extra 1001 days and start all over. Lists I wanted to make and already started in the former 1001, I completely deleted to start from scratch. I used to blog about my old list with Nina and another friend of ours, Michelle. It was funny at first, but eventually, none of us blogged anymore about it. It is not my intention to blog about every goal I finish, but if it is something special or unique, I might blog about it hihi!

I personally think this is a simple but great project. You make up a list of 101 goals you want to do, you set up your start date and from that day on, you start putting your goals into action. You plan yourself when you do your goals, how you do them and if you do them at all. There won’t be any punishment if you haven’t done all your goals after 1001 days ofcourse. You are your own motivation, but the site just helps you a little. Personally, as mentioned above, I have a lot of things I want to to, but I never come to actually doing them. Now I listed all the things I want to do (and some extra stuff, cause I wanted to reach the 101 goals), so it’s easier to catch up on them.

If you want to check out my list, you can go here. My personal goals are not that exciting, as I’m pretty stuck for the next couple of years. I could have made up goals like ‘live in another country’, ‘go see this and that’ or ‘travel around the world’, but that simply is out of my reach. 1001 days seems a long time, but actually it’s ‘only’ about 2,75 years. And in 2 years, I’m still studying, so in 2,75 years I cannot live somewhere else, I cannot have seen everything I wanted and and cannot have travelled around the world. Maybe, just maybe, I will make another list after this, with more exciting ideas! : )

If you want to know more about Day Zero Project, you can go here. Enjoy!