CherryFizz’ chocolate cupcakes

by Nina de Haan

Thanks to me, the whole house smells like chocolate. Wanna know why?

Sunday it’s my birthday and in order to celebrate, friends are coming over tomorrow evening (technically tomorrow is Sunday since I am writing this in the night, to be clear) and now you can draw your conclusion: I have to keep them happy with cakes and pies (and beer). I wanted to make the cakes and pies myself and I would start this evening with making some chocolate cupcakes with caramel on top and tomorrow I was going to make an apple pie and some more vanilla cakes/one big cake and serve with whipped cream and sprinkles, I wasn’t sure yet. But the chocolate cakes would be there, period.

Secretly this post is one big advertisement; I happen to know the best recipe for chocolate cake out there! I have two books filled with cupcake recipes, but I always come back on this one and it never fails. I am talking about the recipe Chocolate Cupcake met Caramel on Dutch weblog CherryFizz. I followed her blog a few years ago and Gonny is very sweet and she has good writing. Anyway, tonight I again made her chocolade cupcakes and again I am amazed by how good they taste. It says the recipe is good for 12-16 cupcakes and I doubled it – I got over 50 cupcakes! I am a bit embarrassed though. The oven had been on for hours and hours, not too environmental friendly. But about the cake: it is SO delicious! I didn’t even make the caramel yet! Funny thing is that every time when I go make these cupcakes, I end up serving them without the caramel, because I think they are amazing like that and I am a bit afraid the caramel would make it too much. But I have used it for vanilla cupcakes and that works very well! (I am talking about the caramel itself, not the frosting in which you have to put it, I never made that.)

So what I am telling you: you should really try this. I am aware that the recipe is in Dutch, but you can use Google Translate and conversion websites and then I am sure you’ll be fine.

About my plans for baking tomorrow: they’re off. I figured about 50 cupcakes would be enough (it isn’t a big party, more of a nice gathering of friends). I am a bit scared that there will be some people who don’t like chocolate cake, but come on, who doesn’t? I am not sure about the topping yet. Maybe I’ll make the caramel, or just confectioners sugar with some color, but I am still afraid to ruin it. Ah well, I got a whole night to think about it.

PS I would add a picture of the cupcakes, but as mentioned it is night here and dark and stuff so that wouldn’t work. Besides, they don’t look that special, just chocolate cupcakes, you can imagine what that looks like, can’t you? If not: go to CherryFizz. If yes: go to CherryFizz.