Gift season

by Nina de Haan

We currently live in November 20 and this is where some bells are starting to ring. Christmas bells, if you will. That’s right, gift season is coming up! And time flies so if you didn’t already, you should start gathering gifts for you favorite people. Confession: I didn’t start myself, but hey I was busy unwrapping the gifts I got for my birthday, okay?

For the ones who have no idea what they should get their friends and family: I am here to help! I am not claiming that I am a star in getting gifts, but I really enjoy putting thought into it so therefore I’d like to share my ideas. Unfortunately I am a girl with not much experience on male gifts, but I do my best.

Let’s state first that personal gifts are the best. I can’t tell you what personal gift you should get, because of course I am not you, but here are some thoughts: What were the best moments you shared? You should do something with that. If you have pictures of (one of) these moments, you can make a collage or simply frame them. Okay this is quite obvious, but you could also recreate some parts of those happy moments. What food did you eat? Food is always good. What are his/her main interests? If it’s something creative like drawing, you could get (special) supplies. How does he (from now on it’s a he) spend his day? Does he do any ‘projects’? I am thinking about me collecting images to decorate my wall. I would appreciate it if someone who knows my taste would give me a print for that purpose. My friend Michelle does the same thing, so I made her a collage of images she posted on her weblog and she liked it. Handmade gifts are great. You could make a drawing (just like you did when you were five), a stuffed animal (or a stuffed ball with a face, may be easier), a knitted scarf, a poem, a piece of jewelry, a mix CD (think about the memories!) or, back to the food, you could bake a pie.

Still no inspiration?

What about a baking gift, containing a tin for a pie or cupcakes, cups for the cupcakes, sprinkles, perhaps food coloring and even confectioners sugar (mix with the food color and water to get a nice and easy frosting). You could also include a baking mix (‘add water, stir and fill the cups’) or my favorite ingredient: chocolate. You could go for funny cookie cutters or a baking book. When giving a pie tin, you could fill it with pie and add the recipe for the said pie. Success guaranteed!

Does your friend like a cup of tea? Check! Collect some nice looking and tasting tea (I suggest fair trade and blooming green tea), add some supplies like a tea egg and those sugar sticks/spoons and you’re good to go. The same goes for coffee, chocolate milk and of course: alcohol. Just spice it up a little with some extra goodies to make your friend feel rich! This goes for everything really.

Or else: a plant, a calendar (with your own pictures), a candle set or Lush Show Fairy shower gel (hint hint).

That’s that! I hope you are now full of ideas to surprise your friends this winter. Of course you can also put a lot of effort in wrapping the gifts, but with that you’re on your own, it’s not really my thing. Anyway, good luck shopping for gifts and enjoy the holiday season!