Mags and underwear

by Nina de Haan

Today a friend and me went to buy a present for the guy I have to buy a present for in tradition of the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas which is celebrated next week. But before we went doing that, we wanted to go to the grand opening of the new store of the lingerie chain Hunkemöller. The store’s located in one of the local shopping centers of Tilburg, where you go to satisfy your primary needs and to get the small things you forgot while shopping in the center. The new Hunkemöller is really out of place, with the expensive looking Christmas collection and in the windows the glitters and gold to match, in between on the left side cheap-ass (looking) Van Haren and on the right side Foto Jans with its flashing green and blue. Though I expected some sort of big opening sale, but sadly it was nowhere to be found. So far the grand opening.

It was actually a good thing we weren’t tempted to buy anything. Yesterday while reading fashion magazine Glamour, which I only bought because they gave you a free second magazine to give away, which I gave to the friend who joined me today, I discovered something great: new subscribers of the magazine get a gift card of Hunkemöller worth 70 euros and pay only €32,50 (plus some shipping costs) for twelve numbers of Glamour Magazine. Or how I’d like to see it: about 50% discount at Hunkemöller plus a year of free Glamours! Since I am Dutch and therefore discounts make my day, I had a great day and I directly ordered my gift card (you can order yours here). Free underwear, hooray! (Worth nearly 35 euros, according to my theory.) I also found out that reading Glamour is a good way to entertain yourself while on a train. While reading on said train I learned that men use 7,000 words a day while women use 20,000. Interesting.

What I got my friend? Not much. I went for gloves because he asked for it, but he also put ‘what men want’ on his list and as a woman with not much expertise on what men want, I could only think of the Playboy and I thought of that as way funnier to give. So what did I get him? Exactly. It actually came with a ‘to give away’ copy. Hooray for free magazines! (Playboy seems interesting too. The cover says the content reveals why women have no sense of humor. Say what? There’s an explanation for that?!*)

* I am kidding, women do have humor, at least some of them. *wink*