To the end of the world

by Saskia

Have you ever had that feeling that you wanted to get away from your daily life? Just hop on a plane and fly somewhere new? I’ve been having that feeling for a few weeks now, if not months. School’s been tough and the beautiful pictures of far away places have been distracting. I think many people feel like this once in their lives, I just think mine comes a little early. I want to get away for a couple of months, just to be out of my ordinary life.

And I’m actually planning it already. For my study, it is allowed to go to another country to have our final internships there. It’s still 2 years away, maybe a little less, but I’m already looking for places I want to go. The idea of being on my own for 4 months, just doing my own thing, frightens me a little but excites me more than anything else. It’s not just the place to be in, but also the people to be around with. I love all the people I have around me right now, but I would love to meet new people from new cultures.

That’s why my mind’s set on Nepal (for now). Nepal’s not your typical beautiful place with bright blue seas and white beaches, but it’s so pretty with all those mountains and the incredible buildings (see picture above). And what excites me most about Nepal is the people. The idea I have of the people there is that they live so peaceful and don’t give a SWEARWORD :) about everything bad in the world. They live in their own perfect little world and it just seems perfect to me.  Maybe it is not, but there’s only one way to find out. It would be great to live there for about 4 months, help the people there with my profession and at the same time enjoy everything I experience.

The only thing that makes me doubt is the costs. I would have to come up with more than 2.000 euros! It costs more than that, but as I’m a student, there are some grants that I can get, luckily. But it’s still some years away, so there needs to be a lot of saving before I can actually go!

This has not been a very interesting blogpost as I have been so incredibly busy with school, but I just wanted to post something that has been on my mind for a while. And this is also a way of saying sorry for me not posting for a while :’)