Got nothing to do? Think again!

by Nina de Haan

Tomorrow is the day the holidays start! Are you excited yet? I always feel like when the New Year’s there, we’re halfway through the ‘bad weather’. Funny, this year the bad weather isn’t really present. At the moment it’s cloudy and rainy outside, but it isn’t cold, is it? Or maybe I just don’t experience it because I’ve been living inside my room for two weeks now to ‘study’ for my exams. I have to add my radiator’s running full time.

I wrote earlier about the good things autumn brings and one of those things was the increase of solidarity among people. I am experiencing solidarity, but I am not sure whether it’s the season or just my attitude. I live in a gigantic student building and on my corridor we’re living with 18 people. Sometimes I find it too easy to just stay in my room and I came to see that’s a shame, so I am spending more and more time in the kitchen slash living room and it makes me really happy. We have a Christmas tree and there are Christmas lights all over the corridor so that really helps to keep the winter depression away. I also have a little well-colored tree on my desk. I like it.

So what keeps you happy nowadays? Have you got lots of nice plans for the holidays?  If you’re like me, you may got not much to do and therefore aren’t really looking forward to it. That’s a shame! Some call it the best time of the year, that’s for a reason, right? We should all have a nice holiday season. Don’t you know how? Then read on.

There are lots of thing to do! Of course winter brings opportunities for activities like ice skating and when there’s snow you can make snow men and snow angels, but what else is there to do? Web browsing? Watching TV? Hanging with friends? Sporting? I always find it hard to think of other things.

Have your read Saskia’s post about the Day Zero Project? If you don’t like the project itself, still there are plenty good ideas to be found on the website. The page Top 101 shows the 101 most popular tasks/goals. They are by far not all suitable to adopt as a winter project (‘Oh, I am bored, let’s Have a baby.‘), but it’s worth the look. There’s also an Idea Finder, which makes you choose between two possible goals. You should give it a try, it’s fun. To me Project Day Zero has been very inspiring, so I hope it’ll be for you too.

I’ll tell you about my plans for the winter.

Besides the ones in my house, I have other friends and of course I want to spend time with them too. Especially the friends from my hometown who I don’t get to see often because they’re all far away from me. This holiday I am planning to travel a lot between this hometown and my room so I get to see everyone. I am really looking forward to this. Of course I’ll see my family too at Christmas and all, but that speaks for itself.

Roommates, friends and family won’t always be there, so in the meantime I want to pick up sewing again and with that I mean making plushes. Two years ago I tried to make a donut like these and since then I haven’t done anything like it. Lately a friend of mine started to make plushes out of yarn and with that she really inspires me to start again. The donuts I copied were made by mypapercrane, look at this Flickr page of hers. Aren’t they all adorable? Also I found this little shark (without credits) and that’s what convinced me. I want to do that too and if I find the time, I will! Only thing I am worried about is the fabric. My donut was made out of felt, which is not in line with my principles about wool. Truth is that I already bought some new and I only realized later what felt is made of. I’m not sure what to do with it yet.

Not only sewing, but more activities have been forgotten. I like drawing and I should never forget that. It’s not specifically something I want to do often this winter, but in general I should do it more.

More general plans are that I want to be busy baking and cooking. I am getting better with cooking! I am so proud of myself. I really like risotto, quiche and all meals from the oven really. Oh and I am planning on making tiramisu this holiday, this time using the mixer to beat up the egg so it’ll actually become stiff as it’s supposed to. Yum yum.

I am sure you too have some activities to catch up on! So nothing to do? No way, if you want, there’s lots of stuff to do. What about finally putting the baby photo album of your daughter together? (Mom?) Or reading all the unread books on your book shelf?

For today my plan is to study some more, but I might procrastinate ’till the bitter end. I still got stuff to do, you know? Wrap some (really small) gifts, decide which items of the H&M order I am going to return and actually return them, I have to go grocery shopping too… So many ways of procrastinating, I love it.

Enjoy your holidays! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. *fireworks*

PS I actually drew this tree and it took me ages, because I haven’t used the program for a long time and this is another version and ah well, please be happy with it. What, who’s procrastinating?