One of the best moments of 2011

by Nina de Haan

Usually people post these kind of stuff before the year has ended, but I wasn’t planning on writing it, it just popped into mind.

Pinkpop 2011: This was the first festival I attended for more than one day. I went with two friends the whole three days and another friend, Saskia, joined us the last day. The greatest moment was during the final concert of the Foo Fighters. The whole weekend the weather had been great and then it started to rain. Naturally everyone put on a poncho, which made the crowd look like one big family to me. And then the most amazing thing happened: a rainbow appeared. Some people in the crowd already noticed and a few moments later, leadsinger Dave Grohl interrupted the song Learn To Fly: ‘There’s a fucking rainbow! First rainbow at a rockshow I’ve ever seen in my life!’ Not much later the rain stopped and the ponchos were ripped off. It was just perfect.

I wish you all a happy 2012.