Why I don’t have a Facebook account (yet?)

by Nina de Haan

It almost seems like I am the only person left without a Facebook account. Okay, more realistic: the only person of my generation without a Facebook account. It doesn’t really bother me, but it is starting to itch, somehow. Let’s review.

So why don’t I have an account then?

  • Facebook is a hype and for me that’s a good reason not to join;
  • I don’t have a nice picture of me to use as a profile picture (very important, no?);
  • I wouldn’t want to put much up there, because I don’t want ‘random’ people to ‘know’ me (I know about the ‘only friends can view your profile’ option);
  • I don’t feel like missing out on anything, everything worthy of telling me, my friends will tell me in person (I hope);
  • I tell my friends everything worth telling, Facebook or no Facebook;
  • I would want to deny every friendship request of people I don’t like and I am afraid to make enemies that way;
  • It sucks that you need Facebook to use Spotify or enter competitions, I am making a statement here;
  • I already left Twitter and Hyves (which is similar to Facebook, but worse).

And where does the itch come from?

  • If it turns out to suck, I’ll be able to delete it;
  • It’s an easy way to chat with people, there’s no need to ask for someones email in advance;
  • It (obviously) is a way to keep in touch with people who live far away;
  • A friend of mine has good friendships which started through Facebook chats;
  • There’s a private group for all residents of our corridor, that should be nice;
  • A private group for my friends back at home would be nice, to share pictures and all;
  • It might be fun?

Conclusion? I’m not sure. Truth is that I’m currently having holidays and despite my intentions to not be bored, I am a little, which might be an important factor in deciding to subscribe. I feel like I should eliminate that first before doing things I’ll regret later. Yes, I am taking this very serious!

So, do you have a Facebook account and where do you use it for? Or are you with me in not having an account? Tell me everything!