Tattoos I like

by Nina de Haan

It’s pretty clear to me that I am not a tattoo type of person, if such a type of person even exists. But you never know and sometimes you do find some attractive ones. Here are some pictures of tattoos I do like, found through, yes indeed, Tumblr.

I think this cute tattoo is on the arm of the owner of Your Body Is A Canvas on Tumblr, but I am not sure since she seems to have removed the post, which should be a reason for me to not post it, but it’s cute!

The same goes for this one. The Tumblr post of this image leads to __april on Flickr, but the picture itself is not to be found. (Side note: I don’t like how she shows off her boobs here. I guess you already noticed so it doesn’t make a difference that I am writing about it now. What am I doing? Right.)

More love birds, on the back of Rasidel Slika this time. Well, probably she was the one who took the picture… Anyways: it’s beautiful. (I was actually proud that I knew which bird it is [yes I am studying Biology, don’t judge me] and when searching for the English term, I mentioned that ‘swallow tattoo’ is an often used search term and indeed, there are plenty out there! Also some quite repulsive ones. Told you I am not a tattoo person.)

More backs! I would like this one more if it were more dreamy and less harsh, but I like the idea. The path of the dreamcatcher sadly leads to we heart it.

What do you think? Are you a tattoo type of person?