by Nina de Haan

Julian Bialowas is a Canadian photographer and graphic designer. Every single day of 2011 he has posted one of his beautiful pictures with additional inspiring message on his Tumblr page 365q. It may not sound that impressive now, but once you’ve seen his page, you know it is.

Sadly the year full of photographs has ended. Luckily he has come up with something new for the year 2012.

As he writes on his website:

52moments is a new project that will inspire you, motivate you, get you-and the world, living a better life. What’s different with this project is that we actually want to see you living it.

Every week for a year we’ll present you with a task, a goal-a moment. To not only inspire you, but to get you to enrich your life. Anyone and everyone can get involved. Become part of this movement, and share your experiences & moments with the world.

Sounds good! Do you think the same way? His new Tumblr page is heybialowas, home of 52moments is to be found on 52mmnts.me. The first task is already up there, so what are you waiting for? Go enrich your life, get involved!