Northern lights

by Nina de Haan

Today the news was on and it showed an amazing video of the northern lights spotted this week. I had heard there was something happening out there, but sadly it had already vanished out of my brain so I wasn’t paying attention. (Luckily for me they also mentioned that in the Netherlands it was quite cloudy so I haven’t missed anything.)

As could have been expected, there were people out there, gazing into the sky and waiting for it to happen and then when it did, pointing their camera to the show and  capturing it for the world to see.

I wanted to see their pictures! I did some searching and one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen thus far is this picture from astronut2007 on Flickr from Sweden:

More gorgeous pictures of the past few days are to be found here on and in the Flickr group album for pictures of the northern lights and of course: via Google (where else?).

My personal note is that I was totally unaware of this, but I did have the nails to match! I was wearing Zoya Adina, which is purple with a frosty hint of green and magenta, which alternate depending on the light.

Unfortunately I already cleaned my nails so I can’t show you how it really looks, but here’s the bottle to give you an impression. I suggest you go here for swatches – and a cat.

Now I didn’t see the magic in the sky, but I assume it’s quite similar to the magic in this bottle. ;)