Not so special collage

by Nina de Haan

The H&M Shop Online is the only webshop I allow myself to visit, since I’ve already been let down by too many buys via the web. And now I’m on a fashion diet and therefore I don’t see any shops in real life either, the H&M webshop is my only contact with the outside world of fashion. *sob*

Anyways, ever since I was little I like cutting and pasting and that didn’t even change when I tried to take the scissors from my sister who was using them and continued happily, cutting my poor finger. Discovering Photoshop a while ago made me like making digital collages too and that’s what this post is about! I present to you the little collage I just made, using only H&M clothing. I know it’s not  special at all, I like simplicity very much, and I am mostly posting it here to give making collages a purpose, not to change your world.

I’ll tell you, I feel even more stupid having placed it here. I need to go shopping so badly, it’s been months! It’s a miracle I haven’t posted anything like this earlier (the reason: I always start these things and then stop halfway because the colors don’t match – I did the same thing with this one really). I can’t wait until I reach my goal. Too bad I just worked a chocolate muffin into my digestive system.

See you at the next collage! In the meantime I’ll be busy manipulating the catalog.