Mega push up: so fake or so real?

by Nina de Haan

Not every woman is blessed with big breasts. Though, for various occasions a bigger size can be more than welcome. Hunkemöller comes with a solution for every woman who wants a bigger size without having an operation: the Maximizer. The Maximizer is a push up bra which enlarges your breasts with up to two sizes. This is ideal for an evening out! This is your secret. The Maximizer comes in zebra and tiger pattern as well as in black and white and more prints are appearing regularly.

This is more or less how Dutch lingerie brand Hunkemöller attempts to sell this magical bra to women in Europe. They also go with the slogan ‘So fake, so real’, with demonstrations and all to convince people to buy their product. Above you see the special Valentine’s design. What do you think, fake or real? To me a push up worth two sizes is way too fake.

I even have my doubts about push ups in general, but I get it. Not every woman has big breasts and since having big breasts appears to be what men want and therefore what women sometimes need to feel sexy, I can see why you would cheat a little if you have a small size. And if not for the size, then for the shape. If, like me, you think that even wearing a small filling is cheating, you should consider that most women wear preformed bras and if we’re honest, that’s cheating too. Should we all let our breasts just hang there with no support? Absolutely not, so I think a little filling is accepted, because, face it, it is fake already and a little filling doesn’t change much.

Though, there are limits. The Maximizer claims to enlarge your breasts with up to two sizes. There’s a pillow in it, worth two sizes. This padding is on the underside, both on the left and right and even some on the upper side. This means there’s some kind of hole in there where you are supposed to put your real breast. It’s not as hard as I make it seem right now, but it isn’t comfortable either. Yes, I tried it on. Partly out of curiosity, mostly because I felt I couldn’t write this honestly without having done that. I wore the one in Valentine’s Day style (see top) and I was amazed by the result – by how idiotic it was, that is. Don’t get me wrong, as far as I paid attention to that, I think the shape of the whole thing was okay, but the difference with a normal bra is quite overwhelming. So, that means it works! Gaby Blaaser writes here (go there for a close up of her breasts in the bra) that the difference isn’t obvious. Believe me, that’s bullshit.

Want a better view? Here’s a not-too-sexy picture I found here. (I feel like I am really dirtying this blog up with placing this. I’m sorry, Saskia.)

I realize that not every woman has big breasts or breasts in proportion to the rest of their bodies, but I don’t think this is a good solution. I don’t care that much about breasts myself and, as I already wrote, small push ups don’t even feel right for me, and I understand that others feel different, but still. What are you trying to achieve wearing the Maximizer? Do you want others to think you have bigger breasts? That may work in company of people  you will never see again, but with your friends and family? You can’t just switch between your normal bras and this one without anyone noticing, even though Gaby Blaaser claims you do. And when no one notices, what’s the point of pushing them up in the first place? Of course you can wear the Maximizer all the time so the switching isn’t a problem, but people will notice the difference in the beginning, which I think is awkward. When you are going for the men, then again: why? Men who like their women big breasted may be more interested, but when the moment comes the bra goes off, what would that be like? Gaby writes the bra is good for in bed too, so you might as well keep it on then. No probs, right?

Though, I can see there are some moments this bra might be handy. Even if you don’t care about your breast size, you know others might do and that can be a reason to enlarge your boobs for a day. I am thinking about when visiting distant relatives you don’t like and therefore subtly wanting to rub them in the face how successful you are or when wearing a top that makes your breasts look smaller than they are. But still, two sizes? That’s a lot. And way too much if you ask me.

You understand that having read this, you owe me a reply giving me your opinion. What do you think? Would you wear such a bra? And, more interesting, if you are a man: Do you think women should wear these? Would you want your girlfriend/wife to wear it? How would you react if you found out that your date/girlfriend has been wearing those all the time and that she actually has small(er) breasts than she made you think? Would you feel shafted? Let me know! I am so so curious. :)