What’s in my bag?

by Saskia

Sometimes you feel like you’re taking a whole bunch of stuff with you in your bag you don’t even need. Without checking what was in my bag and not leaving anything out, I captured everything that came out of it. Here’s the result of last Thursday.

This is the bag I usually take with me, except when I need my laptop for school, as that obviously doesn’t fit in there. From left to right my bag is about 28 cm, the height is about 20 cm and the depth is about 8 cm, just to give you an idea how big it is.

This one doesn’t need any information. There is also a little part on the front (which is at the bottom of this picture), but it wasn’t worth capturing it. The items that were in the front part were also captured in the next picture.

I was amazed by what fitted in my bag! Holy ****!

So, 22 items. And I even counted the 7 writing items as one. Here’s a guide through the inside of my bag.

  1. Apley’s Concise System of Orthopaedics and Fractures – this is one of my study books and I needed this because I was giving high school students information on my study, which involved showing your study books.
  2. My wallet, nothing special, it’s always in there.
  3. My phone (Samsung Ch@t 335 S3350, for anyone who’s interested)
  4. My travelcard. It’s actually in a little cover which I got for my paper travelcard in London, but now I’m using it for my Dutch card as well.
  5. My approval that I was there for the information-giving for high school students.
  6. A form we need in my study. I didn’t need it thursday, it was just still in from tuesday when I had an exam (and I passed!)
  7. My gloves! In this freezing weather I couldn’t go without, they’re so warm.
  8. My Wreck This Journal, which is pretty wrecked as you can see.
  9. My agenda, nothing special. I’m surprised it’s even in there, normally I forget it and accidentally leave it at home.
  10. My keys.
  11. My comb, as I recently got bangs and they need special care when it’s windy outside.
  12. Pens and other writing utensils.
  13. Prepaid phone bills (you know, those things you buy in a store and then you have more minutes on your phone?)
  14. Grocery lists – one was for baking a cake and the other was for making dinner.
  15. I don’t even know the Dutch word for this one. It’s a paper when the postman deliverd your package at one of your neighbours, so you know where you can get it.
  16. Information on where I had to go and what busses I should take to get to the information thing on thursday.
  17. A deposit I made with cash money to my own bank account. No idea why it was still in there, it’s about 2 weeks old.
  18. Little notebooks I got from Nina! One is empty for my own thoughts (pink) and one is filled with little assignments such as ‘catch snow’, ‘fill this page with your favorite colour’ or ‘draw a tree’. Totally random, but I love it!
  19. Receipts from ‘Xenos’, an ‘everything-you-need’ store. They have decorations, plates, cutlery, pillows, food and more. It’s not high quality, but not high pricing as well.
  20. Earplugs – seems logical.
  21. A receipt you put in your car at a carpark to show you’ve paid. Weird thing: I don’t have a license nor a car.
  22. An empty Bros Pure wrapping.

I’m still pretty amazed what trash I take with me usually. I threw all the receipts out and away, ofcourse my book isn’t in there anymore, but the rest is still in there.