All the small things

by Nina de Haan

I truly believe all the small nice things of daily life provide the happiest moments for me. Here are some of the small things that made me happy during the last few weeks and I hope they’ll give you a smile on your face too.

Wageningen is a town full of hippies and I’m sure there were hippies behind this project: several traffic lights are adjusted using duct tape, leaving a bright, red heart as a result. Love is in the air. That is so cute! (As you can see, the green light is shaped like a flower, but that’s of minor importance.)

My sister had her birthday last weekend and among the presents was a box full of panda faced cupcakes! The givers made them themselves, how clever. Reminds me of my panda bread.

It has been pretty cold for some days now, complete with snow. While many others complain about how the NS (the biggest ‘train company’ of the Netherlands) screws things up, I am happily sipping the free tea they offer to compensate for the inconvenience. Apparently I’m able to handle the cold very well, I can still do with a top and a cardigan, and a coat. (By ‘handle the cold’ I also mean ‘stay inside as much as possible’. I am very good at that as well.) But there is snow, for the fourth year in a row! I love snow, it’s so cute as it whirls down and how it forms those white blankets covering everything! This year I’ve made my very first snow angel, ever. I am so proud.

My coral colored toe nails! I will not please you with a picture of my handsome toes (I rather not have you instantly leave our blog), but the color is OPI Hot and Spicy. These pretty swatches made me buy the nail polish.

A few weeks ago I made one of the Pac-Man ghosts out of iron on beads. I present to you: Pinky. He’s sitting next to my laptop on top of the outlet. Makes me smile every time I look at it!

I’ve started to build a collage on my wall after I had found this beautiful image, but the project is proceeding very slowly since I don’t  have access to many sources of physical images (I don’t want to print them, the paper will be different and then the options are too overwhelming). But two weekends ago added two images and that makes a total of four! Four’s a collage, right? Again: I am proud.

Which small things currently make you happy?