by Nina de Haan

What a strange week this is. It was the week of the repeat exams. I had one on Thursday, which means I’ve been studying hardcore from Monday until Thursday. (Read: I’ve been sitting behind my desk all day, practically doing nothing, that’s the way I study.) But when I finally had the exam, it turned out there had been a miscommunication between the professor and me and that there was no exam, at least not the one I wanted to make. Oh well, that’s okay, my whole week has sucked because of this annoying voice in my head telling me what to do and me doing that every now and then, while I could have been celebrating my holidays all week, no biggie. I’ll celebrate my holidays during the next holidays – in the summer. Why is this week called the repeat interim exam week or whatever it’s called in English if there are no repeat interim exams?!

On the bright side: this week is also my 53th week living in Wageningen! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I moved in, the first months are such a blur to me. Actually, my whole history is a blur. How old am I? I should be able to remember things properly. Oh, right, I don’t have much history to remember, that must be it.

You might think this is super lame, but I celebrated this one year anniversary by baking cupcakes! My whole week has been about the repeat exam I didn’t have and what is a better way to escape than to bake something? Indeed, there’s none. So that’s what I did. I chose apple cupcakes from a book by Sue McMahon, who couldn’t think of a better title than Cupcakes. There was supposed to be caramel on top, but because of the apple in them they started boiling in the oven and I was afraid I had ruined them already and since there were just nine (I could have seen it coming, but nine out of one recipe? The book told me they came with twelve, bad book) I didn’t make the effort to make the caramel. But, surprisingly, they tasted very well! Every single one of them. *burp*