The Cambridge Satchel

by Nina de Haan

At first, let me state this image is totally stolen from Park & Cube, the most amazing fashion blog I know.

It all began on Asos where I spotted them for the first time: the gorgeous bags of Cambridge Satchel Company. No-nonsense leather bags available in nice bright colors, ready to spice up all your outfits. I managed to forget about them by keeping in mind the price, which isn’t that high for real leather, but I am just a poor student so for me it is. Though, now I’ve seen Shini carrying one of them, it’s back again. No, I’m not obsessed this time, but isn’t it one of the most beautiful bags you’ve ever seen?! Funny fact: the last bag I had an obsession with ended up on Shini’s shoulder too (second picture here, it’s from Asos).

There only have  been two more bags really. This leather satchel from Asos is one of them. I actually ordered it after doubting about it for months and I ended up returning it because it wasn’t made correctly and it was smaller and way less beautiful than I expected. All by all a gigantic letdown, and the reason I am now afraid of shopping via the web. The other bag I really liked is the Cowboysbag, the one with the two pockets up front, which you see a lot everywhere (in the Netherlands). I’m kind of afraid the same thing will happen with the bags of the Cambridge Satchel Company and that they turn out to be even prettier than in the pictures and that I will regret not buying one so so much but it’ll be too late for me to still buy one because I don’t like to be part of a hype like that. Not that I have the money. Not that I don’t have to start searching for a job anyway.

Check out this lovely pink one, on sale for only £85.00 on Asos.

I know I wouldn’t mind having one.