Delphic – on the way to your CD cabinet

by Nina de Haan

Last year I’ve bought one of the most amazing albums on my shelf (I don’t own a fancy CD cabinet) and today I will promote it to you. I’ve listened to it a thousand times (about 80 times on iTunes only, I am too honest) and the people I forced to listen to it, are still regularly bringing me homemade cookies as a thank you gift. (A little less honesty, yes?) So get yourself a cup of tea, fasten your seatbelts, open this YouTube link and enjoy the ride – music, post, whatever.

The name of the album is Acolyte and according to this word ‘is derived from the Greek word akolouthos, meaning companion, attendant, or helper.’ That’s settled then. The artist of this masterpiece is Delphic, a three piece from Manchester which formed in 2009 and in the same year released their first single Counterpoint, which you are now listening to if you followed my instructions correctly. So what do you think? I would describe it as really amazing electronic-ish music which makes you feel like you are on a rollercoaster, but I would understand it if you don’t get it. On their Facebook, MySpace and even on their own website there is no proper description to be found, the best one is again from ‘(…) mixing euphoric electronica with anthemic songs for a post-dance world.’ Really, you should just listen to some more songs. Skip to This Momentary, their second single, also released in 2009. By the way, their website may not be clear about who or what Delphic it, but it is pretty cool actually! It’s like a Tumblr page, but then with extra super cool music. The men of Delphic are James Cook who does the vocals and bass, Matt Cocksedge playing guitar and Richard Boardman doing (?) the synths and there’s another man, named Dan Hadley, accompanying them on drums.

Aren’t you hooked yet? Here’s a picture of the three charming men.

Aren’t they cute? Nice beard you got there.

The singles they released aren’t necessarily their best songs if you ask me, I think I like Acolyte and Remain better, but I can’t really choose so it’s easy to just feed you the singles. I guess Delphic is working on a new studio album, since Acolyte was released back in 2010. We’ll see! So add them on Facebook and whatever social media you’re on and they’ll let you know when they come with new stuff. Until then: enjoy their first studio album Acolyte. I promise, it’s good.