Straight to the wish list

by Nina de Haan

Do you remember Isabel Lucas wearing that amazing white top with the wrinkled fabric from wherever it was from? Well, I do! Also I do remember a picture of a model wearing a gorgeous white Prada top/bra/thing with matching bottom which has been stuck in my style book for a couple of years now. Mentioned tops have the same wrinkle effect, but in other directions. I find them both really beautiful and sadly really out of reach, but this is what’s new: in its new collection H&M has a bikini top that looks similar to Prada’s! Only the Prada version has a bow in the front and is likely to cost a bit more than € 12.95. (Do you remember when H&M had all their prices ending with 90 cents? Good times.) H&M also has a ‘plain’ bottom to go with it, yours for €9.95. And mine, soon.

Speaking of swimwear: I just remembered a certain ASOS triangle bikini in black and white (so that’s two bikinis) with scallop edges and I think they belonged to Betty from Le Blog de Betty but I can’t find it (due to big archive, which is a plus). I did find this one from Alix The Cherry Blossom Girl, which is similar. Nice, isn’t it? It matches with Isabel’s shorts! My bikini fascination, as far as you can call it that, actually started with Alix’ great black bow bikini from H&M, a while ago. I wouldn’t call it a fascination, though. I’ve never paid much attention to bikinis because I didn’t come near the pool or the beach often, but since I am a student now and therefore have about unlimited access to the pool and the beach (sports card and free traveling during weekends), I’ll have to invest in nice swimwear this year. I simply have no choice, you see?

Last thing on bikini tops: I’m also still fond of the twisted bandeau bikini tops, luckily they’re not too 2011. Last thing on H&M: I totally dig these pants from Marni at H&M. They make me long for summer – and money.