My guilty music pleasures

by Saskia

I think everyone has them, guilty pleasures. Things you like, but you don’t tell anyone because you find it too embarrassing. I’ve got quite a few guilty music pleasures I think.

Let’s start off with the least embarrassing one, One Direction. I know they’re a big hit and all, but that’s in teenage girls. Eventhough I’m 19 myself, I don’t feel like I belong to that group, not at all. ‘What makes you beautiful’ is actually a really nice song, but I just don’t tell everyone I like it.

Toy-Box – Tarzan & Jane
Okay, now it’s starting to get bad. I was a fan when I was a child and eventhough I’m not a fan anymore, and here comes the worst confession ever: I still put their cd’s in the cdplayer every once in a while.

Go cheetah, get banana. Hey monkey, get funky!

Spice Girls – Wannabe

You can seriously wake me up for this song, it’s so catchy.  I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really wantSo tell me what you want, what you really really want! There was a time I could sing along to all the lyrics of the Spice Girls, but now it’s mostly down to their biggest hits. Wannabe is still one of  the songs I can fully sing along to.

I bet there are loads more, but I’m not going to confess it all at once. So here’s just the last video, which I’m not ashamed of that I like it. It just had to be in this post because of the song title. Enjoy Cobra Starship with ‘Guilty Pleasure’ !