My leap day

by Nina de Haan

Today is not my day. Last night was already not my night, because of this wild party on my corridor. Wild is here meant in my definitions, which may deviate from the general one, but if this party meant that I couldn’t fall asleep until one o’clock and was awakened again two or three hours later and then it took another hour for the noise to be gone, I think this party was wild enough. (The state of our house this morning did make us all realize how clean our house normally is. That’s a good thing.)

Not only was I weirdly tired today, I also dropped an almost full and open package of cream,  I almost fell because my left leg suddenly refused to let me walk, I dropped a (homemade) cupcake and broke two promises I made to myself.
That last thing isn’t too bad. I ordered the H&M bikini while I wasn’t supposed to buy any clothing, but that’s kind of okay since I originally did allow myself to buy sports clothes and swimming is a sport, right? And now there were no shippings costs. H&M wanted me to buy the bikini, how could I not respect their wishes? Don’t judge me!

Second thing I bought was nail polish, while I had the good resolution to not buy more because I already have, like, enough. Yes, enough it a good description. I was mainly coming near the shops to look for glasses and when that failed, I felt like I had to treat myself. Why bother to buy glasses when you also have the option to buy nail polish anyway? My new one is so nice! It’s from OPI and the collection is called the Holland Collection. See? I again had no choice! The collection was released earlier this month and I’ve chosen Gouda Gouda Two Shoes (here is my swatch [in the evening with a flash, color is more rosy than pictured] and check the whole collection here on Beautygloss). I’ve been standing there for a really long time doubting about it and although I do have more polishes than fit into my special nail polish bag, I haven’t got one that looks anything like this. I already did my nails and it’s gorgeous. I regret nothing, so there.

Okay, maybe this day wasn’t that bad, but weird it was. I made cupcakes, which came out fine, and I don’t feel like eating one. This could be caused by the fact that I already ate lots of chocolate and even the failed caramel during the process, but it’s still weird, isn’t it?