Playing with Pigs

by Nina de Haan

Check this out. It’s a video about a game in which you can play with actual pigs, just via your iPad.

About the project:

The Playing with Pigs project is researching the complex relationship we have with domesticated pigs by designing a game. Designing new forms of human-pig interaction can create the opportunity for consumers and pigs to forge new relations as well as to experience the cognitive capabilities of each other. The game is called Pig Chase.

More information is to be found on the official website of Playing with Pigs.

What do you think? I think that if humans and pigs both enjoy playing Pig Chase, why not? But I don’t see how this can work on big scale. How many displays are you going to instal? I am not sure how accessible they intend to make the game, but the video suggests it’ll be for everyone. Also I doubt if it’ll change anything about how people think about pork, but of course that’s what the researchers are trying to find out. I am looking forward to see the outcome!