Eins, Zwei Orchestra

by Nina de Haan

I am currently jumping up and down because of what just happened and now I’m done telling my friends about it, it’s your turn to lean over and lend me your ear for me to yell in it. Just now, while I was searching for the awesome music of the band the Heat which I had seen performing last week, I stumbled upon even more awesome music, by these guys:

They call themselves Eins, Zwei Orchestra but their parents actually named them Lydia and Stefan van Maurik. Their first studio album is called 100 Colors and it was released back in 2011 and on their official website they describe it as ‘a powerful pop record full of color, asymmetry, endless lines and spirals, twisted in a wall of sound’ and I won’t argue with that. Well, I wouldn’t go with pop, I prefer indie or alternative rock or maybe even garage rock but I’m not sure about that. I would describe the music as light but direct with lots of instrumental amazingness in it and a woman’s voice which doesn’t bother me, like they normally do, which kind of means that their music is really good.

On the website you are able to (read: you have to) listen to 100 Colors and straightly download it to your computer after paying exactly what you think it’s worth. I like their way! Worth mentioning is that the first song on their album is called Ecologically Naked and as I’m currently being educated to be an ecologist I feel kind of addressed here, which makes me feel weird and proud at the same time. I didn’t pay enough attention to the text yet to decide which emotion to favor.

What excites me the most is that Eins, Zwei Orchestra is coming to Wageningen next Thursday and that I am aware of this beforehand! I tend to be the person who finds out about these things afterwards or even more likely: never. The date and plate to be are March 29th and the Library, at 21:00. I’ll see you there!

Update March 31: The concert was awesome. They played acoustic and I really loved it. I just found out how to put their music here and since I liked their acoustic versions better than the ‘normal’ ones, here’s their acoustic album Peace and Love. Enjoy. :)