The Happy Notebook

by Nina de Haan

Every day I carry around a little notebook to fill with ideas for new projects to start, things to do and things to write about on this weblog. I really like flipping through it. It’s not that special, but it does inspire me. It’s some sort of journal, but different.

Today I was thinking about something else: what about a notebook for happy thoughts? A Happy Notebook? I am a sharing person. When something nice (a little thing) happens, I want to share it with the people around me. It makes me enjoy it more, but I hope it makes them happy too. Of course, writing it down for yourself isn’t a way of sharing with others, but it is like sharing with yourself. Every time you read in it, you’ll be remembered about the things that once made your day. Isn’t that wonderful? I think you shouldn’t force yourself to use it every day. Rather use it when you feel like it. Your notebook will be brilliant.

I just searched on Google to see it there are Happy Notebooks already existing out there and of course there are. There are whole Facebook pages dedicated to the idea, which unfortunately I can’t open because my lack of an account. Though, I do like the idea of a physical notebook just for yourself better and I did find something that really matches with the image in my head: this Journal of Happy Thoughts by Jolene. I would love one like this. Now I think about it, I actually already have something similar, but then without the fancy title, but with a dried leave, which will totally break while hanging around in your bag. I should really stop forgetting about the notebooks I collect. I will dig this one up when I’m in my parents’ house again.

Happy thought of today? I just bought two Kinder Surprise Eggs to consume at Easter, in style, like Amber of Code For Something suggests. All I got to do now it find a proper buddy to share this special moment with. Also, there was mold in my garbage bin and it was pink. I like my mold pink.

PS I do realize I write a lot of text heavy and picture light posts. Here’s today’s happy picture for compensation.