What I don’t get about girls

by Saskia

There are some things that I just don’t understand from (some) girls, eventhough I am one myself. Before I start, I want to say that I don’t think about all girls like this. I don’t even think about more than half of all girls like this. It’s just girls I seem to notice while walking outside or overhear on the train. Please don’t feel offended in any way, it’s not meant to be that way :)


#1 Wearing Uggs in the summer – those things are WARM! I don’t like Uggs at all, I have a fake pair for when it’s really, really cold, but that’s it. Why would you wear them in the summer, unless you would like to have sweaty feet all the time? Even now in the spring it’s getting a little bit warmer and I see girls wearing tanktops and Uggs. It just seems like a weird combination to me: you’re hot on your upper part, but your feet are cold? Yeah right..

#2 Wearing heels – I am guilty of this one myself. Why oh why do we wear heels? They hurt like hell! I am a bit on the shorter side myself, so sometimes it’s just nice to be a little bit taller, but I always seem to regret my shoe-choice after a few hours. And still I keep buying and wearing heels. What is wrong with girls’ minds?

#3 Being half-naked in the gym – Just typ in ‘fitness’ in Google Images and more than half of the women you see are barely wearing anything. What is the use of wearing no top and just a sportsbra? I agree: during sports you shouldn’t wear too many clothes and especially not something which is getting in your way. But wearing no top at all, just a sportsbra? That’s just to show off. And to annoy other women. But to be honest: all the commercials show women much more ‘naked’ than the women I actually see in my gym. There are still a few of these women in the gym though. Why, just why? I get the point of women showing off their body in commercials: to get people to the gym or buy the product of that particular commercial by thinking ‘I will get a body like that!’ but what is the use of wearing nothing but a sportsbra and hotpants in the gym? I honestly don’t get it.

#4 Choice in men – Okay here’s the deal. You’ve got these girls who are always whining about men being jerks and all they want is a normal, sweet guy (which I think every girl wants, but that aside). In my mind, these are the same girls who take hours and hours to get ready, over-do their make-up and are super, super skinny. Then again in my mind, jerks like super skinny and heavily make-up’ed girls.  And obviously these girls like the jerks too, because they keep ending up with them. I would think, after you’ve dated a couple of jerks, you would have developed a jerk-alert, or…? Ofcourse I know it’s not this black and white, but it just seems to me that a certain type of girls always ends up with a certain type of guys. And they complain about it. Well if you don’t like it, why don’t you do something about it?

#5 Handbags as schoolbags – I must say, I was almost guilty of this one in high school. As everyone remembers, in high school you need to carry around all your books, which requires a schoolbag. And to be honest: the decent schoolbags are not the prettiest ones. But here’s the thing I don’t get. Girls complain about schoolbooks being to heavy for their backs, saying “I don’t want to bring all my books, it’s not good for my back!” Okay, still understandable.
But do they honestly think that having a handbag with books in them, eventhough they don’t put all the books in there, is better for their backs? Ofcourse when I considered a handbag as my schoolbag, I did not think about this either. I tried it for about a week, got annoyed and changed back to my Eastpak backpack, which was way more convenient. But as I am now studying physiotherapy and I’m getting into treating peoples back problems, I realise there is no way those handbags are better for young girls’ backs than the backpacks. Just saying. If they would just think logically and take a little more effort in finding a nice backpack, that would save them a lot of complaints. But hey, on the other hand: just leave them carrying around their handbags, provides me a job later!