Monday is Yellow Food Day

by Nina de Haan

It seemed like a really good idea to me to prepare a one color based meal, as some sort of experiment. But which color to pick? Well, in primary school we learned that every day of the week has its color, so that might be helpful. I’ve always thought that orange was the color of Monday, but The Internet disagrees and goes with ‘Monday is equal to yellow’. That’s fine, for yellow provides more possibilities than orange. Furthermore, I dislike the color orange, true story.

My friend and I went to the supermarket and there we just grabbed some yellow stuff we thought would more or less work together and this is how my plate looked an hour later:

We had included: maize, banana, pineapple, apple, yellow paprika and brown rice and we cheated a little by adding those vegetarian ‘chunks’ which were actually brownish, but we painted them with curry powder, so it didn’t completely ruin the event. We colored everything with curry really. What about the taste? Well, we both thought it was good! My friend called it ‘kind of exotic’ and she’s kind of right about that. Today I ate the leftovers on maize bread for lunch and that worked nicely too.

Conclusion: I can totally recommend an all yellow dinner! As an idea for Easter perhaps, since Easter is equal to yellow too, somehow.