Amazingly printed Monki sweater

by Nina de Haan

Look at the amazing print of this sweater! I found it at Monki today and I was already making plans on making it my ultimate chill sweater, but when after a few seconds I tried it on I changed my mind. Unfortunately in real life it isn’t as nice as in the picture – on me it isn’t as nice as on the model, if you will. The sweater turned out to be a dress and, how to put this, not flattering at all. But the print is so so nice! There are mushrooms and trees and do I see a fern?! Also it felt quite good to wear it. Oh no, are those regrets I’m feeling?

If you got interested in the sweater: go here. I would’ve totally bought it if it had a slightly better fit. There’s also a tee with this print but that one’s white and short and just less amazing.

Enjoy your Easter weekend!