Easter turns out cream and navy

by Nina de Haan

Hereby I present to you, my creation of the day:

I don’t like these holidays. For us they’re just for socializing with family and eating more than you should and to be honest I’d rather socialize with others and eat less, or at least have more control or influence on whom I talk with and what and how much I eat. I am so not passionate. Well, I am a little about clothes, shoes and bags, so here we are. The top I bought Saturday at H&M. I bought the same one with another pattern too, because I couldn’t choose. I was planning to return one later, but now I’m considering keeping both. Though, one top makes one sixth of a pair of sneakers and I could use a pair of sneakers. Or desert boots! These are from Tanner and found via Code For Something. The cute cute beach tote is from Vans. I’m considering buying the new sneakers, maybe Vans, Converse All Stars or desert boots. I am open for suggestions.

Oh yes, I’m off my fashion diet. I didn’t want to bother you with it, but as I am already making this useless post: it didn’t really work, since there’s still no strong relationship between me buying clothing and me losing weight. Though, I am really trying to get a healthier lifestyle and I seriously think it’s improving, but as far as I know my body hasn’t noticed it yet.

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