Foster the People more or less acoustic

by Nina de Haan

Back in January I reblogged an audio file on Tumblr: the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People, but then an acoustic version. I really like acoustic music, mainly because of the simplicity and the fact that it’s nicer to sing these acoustic versions, because there’s more focus on the words and the words are more stretched out. And now I already liked this song, but I like the acoustic one even more.

After leaving it on my to do list for years, I finally took singing lessons. Guess which song I chose to do? Ha, that was an easy one. There’s not much to talk about further, only that last week my teacher played the guitar while I sang and that was really cool. I felt like a super star, hell yeah.

Now I assume you have heard Pumped Up Kicks, but did you hear the acoustic version? Above is the exact same one as I posted on my Tumblr, but the complete video this time. Their other songs are nice too by the way. Check out this Strange Talk Remix of I Would Do Anything For You. Far from acoustic, nevertheless it scores high in my music ranking.

Note: I don’t only like acoustic music, but these are just so nice to sing!
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