Tea with a message

by Nina de Haan

Lately I’ve been thinking about tea packaging and about how cool it would be to, instead of regular tea labels promoting the brand, have actually cool and inspiring tea labels with art like quotes and illustrations attached to it. When I told my sister about this, she replied with:  ‘yeah, Albert Heijn sells that.’ Ah, so it’s true that you are never alone in what you do. Not that I thought of my idea as groundbreaking or anything, but I didn’t expect this supermarket’s own brand to have those fancy tea labels. But it’s only cool and I immediately bought their green and white tea, and the cool fruity mug in the picture.

Since then I’ve been drinking lots of the tea and I’ve collected the different labels I got to show them to you. They are not exactly according to my idea, but they are still pretty cool. On one side is the Albert Heijn logo with a cute text, just as pictured above, and on the other there’s a cup or mug. These cups and mugs vary too, just as the text. I don’t want to spoil any further in case you want to discover it yourself (you should! It’s fun!), but if you are for example an international reader: check out the cute labels here (translations included, the background is an Easter napkin, yes yes).