Pseudo holidays in Cadzand

by Nina de Haan

These are the pictures of my weekend in Cadzand, in the south of the Netherlands at the sea side. Normal people had a four days weekend because of Holy Thursday, while I dedicated my holy day to the exam I had the day after. Anyhow, who would have thought I am indeed becoming a biologist? Note: we are talking about a lame one who has the Flora and Fauna knowledge of a five-year-old here. I don’t get what the Isopoda is doing on that flower. I can’t tell what kind of flower it is either. If you’re really eager to find out, I’ll let you borrow my Heukels’ Flora of the Netherlands. I myself don’t feel like making the effort.

Nice extra information: Cadzand is ‘known’ for the fact that shark teeth tend to wash ashore there. I found two of those, which will be a nice addition to the collection I already have out of my younger days, which mainly consists of teeth collected by my mother. And a shitload of tiny, white sea urchins I proudly collected myself. It took me until this weekend to find out what they are. I am making progress here.

Here’s two more animals and some trees. Enjoy!