I like Pull&Bear

by Nina de Haan

I’ve been trying really hard to compose an amazing collage with all the amazing items I found in stores past weekend, but these items are or just being absent online, the pictures are too ugly to use, the colors just don’t match or I am just so bad at it. So, we’ve got to go with this one. All three items are from Pull&Bear. The shop is rising pretty fast in my rankings! I actually bought the top in the middle and the same goes for the cardigan, but then in more of a pastel blue (note: this is meant to be worn with more weird items as the top, to make it less good – and at the same time: better!). The bikini is just being pretty here. I surely wouldn’t mind having it. Does yellow make you look pale? Ah, I don’t care.

More items I liked can be found here on Fashiolista. :)

I would love to tell you posts with somewhat more content are coming up, but I can’t promise anything.

Update June 17: Today I went back to the store, returned both items and took two pairs of perfect, cheap jeans back home instead (plus a nice floral tube top from Pieces). So far my fashion sense.