Barefoot in Barcelona*, or?

by Nina de Haan

Hi there! Three to one weeks ago I’ve been on a two week excursion to the Pyrenees to study their flora and fauna. We had one day off on which some friends and I grabbed the bus driver and a van and made our way to Barcelona, all for the first time except for the bus driver, who gave us a little tour. I am a bit ashamed to tell you this, but in that one day one of my friends and I took off for two hours to go through the mall. The reason I do tell you is that I bought some pretty new shoes which I’d like to show you!

These aren’t mine actually. I reblogged this picture on Tumblr over a year ago (the source is lost) and back then I really adored the color and well, these are mine:

They look a bit alike, non? In the picture they look blue to me, but their name is Pool Green/True White and I think it really depends on the light whether they are blue or green. So chances are that they are indeed the Vans the girl (I hope) is wearing in the picture. Anyhow, whether or not they are the same, I think mine are pretty cool. :)

I will be posting some more biology orientated pictures of my trip soon, or later.

* Barefoot in Barcelona is the name of one of my favorite nail polishes by O.P.I. For my friends: it’s the one I spilled on the bed.