DIY tie dye shorts

by Nina de Haan

A common problem among Dutch girls: our jeans tend to break at the thighs because of all the cycling. Well, this happened to me again and I decided to make shorts out of my poor broken jeans. And while I am cutting the thing already: why not use it for a DIY project?
I’ve been wanting to bleach the lower part, just like what you see a lot in stores these days, but then I came across this AfterDRK tie dye denim tutorial. Yes!

So I followed her steps and here’s my result:

I’ve actually done this already a few months ago and I already tried to make outfits with it (not much, since the Dutch weather didn’t allow me to), but I’m not sure what works best. Something white? Unfortunately I don’t have cool outfit pictures so you’ve got to work with your imagination – or you go stare at AfterDRK’s outfit.

Anyhow, it was surprisingly easy to bleach the jeans and I can surely recommend it, especially when your jeans are about to be thrown away anyway. My jeans were just regular ones from H&M and the hole is now in the folded part. I’m not sure about the folding by the way, it was just easy like this.