Coffee table gifts

by Nina de Haan

Majority of my friends seem to have their birthday in autumn, which brings me thinking of nice things they would appreciate as a gift. Well, I am not sure if my friends agree, but I’ve already come up with three birthday wishes.

First up is 16HOURS, a magazine full of photography and inspiration. I already wrote a bit on Julian Bialowas and his projects here. I didn’t write about the 16HOURS magazine, which is a collaboration of Julian Bialowas and Sian Richardson, two designers who live 16 hours apart from each other. Now I haven’t seen the magazine, but, based on what I’ve already seen of Julian, I am sure it’s brilliant! I would love a copy on my coffee table. (I have one of those now in my new room!)

Are you already familiar with the community art project Post Secret? It started with Frank Warren handing out blank postcards and asking people to share their secrets anonymously. He started to post the secrets on his website  and then it became really big and a true Post Secret Community (PSC) arose. Check out the PSC website to see what’s happening. One thing that’s going on is that you are able to buy a book filled with those anonymously shared secrets. As I love to read the secrets and the whole project, I would also love to have one of those books, also to support the whole thing.

Third thing is block calendar filled with inspiring lines/sayings. It’s from the magazine Flow, which is very inspiring itself. Unfortunately it’s in Dutch, but I suppose similar English ones are out there. I am not a big fan of block calendars, because of the paper waste, but I can imagine a truly inspiring one totally worth it. I haven’t seen this one yet, but I guess it’s worth browsing through. Even better than buying a calendar: create something like this yourself! Now 365 pages is a lot of work, but why not try 12 or 52? You can make all sorts of calendars, or even just art, with no other function. I would love such a gift.

More gift posts might be coming up, since I really like putting thought into this, but I am not promising anything (this time). If you want more, I can redirect you to this earlier post on gift ideas and this one on the happy notebook, for notebooks make pretty good gifts too.