Project 365

by Saskia

Some of you might heard of Project 365, for some it is probably new. Project 365, 365 days photo challenge, capture your 365, or any other name, is a project in which you take a picture everyday for an entire year. I have been fascinated by this project for a while, and since my birthday is coming up, I thought it would be a nice day to finally start this project. Not only is it a good day to memorize, but I will capture my first year in the twenties. In my opinion, the twenties are a big deal, so it would be fun to do something with that. Turning 20 means for me being a grown up. It only takes a day going from 19 on 20, but it feels like a big change.

I wonder if I will complete this project, ’cause I’m really lazy and I think I might forget to bring my camera everywhere. My motivation is usually in the beginning of projects really high, but it completely vanishes after a while (I just remembered Day Zero Project, oops!). If you are interested, you can follow my project here. I will start upcoming saturday, which is also our blog’s birthday!