A room with a view

by Nina de Haan

Hello y’all! I keep composing drafts with stories about how my life has changed together with nice homemade pictures but I never post them. But I am posting this picture here, right now.

This is the view from my new room. This was one of the most beautiful days I think. I feel so incredibly lucky for getting to live here. The house I live in is similar to the one in the picture. There’s 34 of them actually. I won’t go into detail, but you can imagine that starting to live here is a big change, for the better surely.

As I’ve been posting the inspiration pictures for my room: I won’t post pictures yet, since there’s still so much I’d like to do. I am collecting prints to place on my walls and besides I am thinking of things I can create myself. For example: one of the things I thought of is a dreamcatcher, but I already have one (in a very beautiful spot too – can’t really get it on camera, though). Oh and I am still in need of curtains (I am now borrowing) and a lamp and oh yeah I need to get rid of that desk behind my couch…
But I’m not planning to move away in the near future so there’s no need to hurry. I already like being in my room a lot. I think the atmosphere is very soothing. Also I believe my room is becoming more Nina every day and me living here makes me become more myself too. So everything will be okay. I will post pictures once I think my room and me are ready for that. ;)

Well, I hope you liked my little update and I hope to write to you soon. Bye!