Tony’s Chocolonely Limited Editions

by Nina de Haan

For our Dutch visitors: Have you been to your local ‘Wereldwinkel’ lately? And have you then encountered the brand new Limited Edition chocolate bars from Tony’s Chocolonely?

Tony’s Chocolonely is a Dutch brand building on a world with only slavery free (fair trade) chocolate, which they’re happy to create for us. And we are happy to eat it, for it’s really good chocolate! Just as last year, this fall they’ve come up with three new chocolate flavors, and these special editions are quite special indeed!

We’re talking about a white one filled with raspberry with added sizzling sugar, one of milk chocolate with caramel and salt and the third one is made of dark chocolate and contains Brazil nuts. They don’t come with fancy names, but for nicer (Dutch) descriptions you can go to the website or, even better, the Wereldwinkel to read them on the fancy neon wrappings. And you better go quick, because they won’t be hanging there for much longer! I do believe they’re planning to make the most popular one a keeper, so if you’re lucky that’ll be your favorite.

I am hoping the white one will be staying. Just look at it!

I’m afraid you won’t be able to get these bars when you’re living outside the Netherlands. But don’t worry: Tony’s Chocolonely is growing! Maybe they’ll be selling their chocolate also in your country in the future. Let’s hope so!