by Nina de Haan


November has been a great month. I had my birthday and I celebrated it very well, twice (two pies!), and there’s been lots of good people, decorating my room, ending projects and starting new ones, not too much studying… I did study for the theoretical part of my driving license and I passed, that’s good news!

In the pictures: 1 – homemade banana chocolat pie; 2 – new sweater and dress; 3 – cat Minoes sleeping in my window with in the background freshly planted ánd painted pillars (not by me, but my roommates organized the painting); 4 – my new friend Broccoli; 5 – birthday presents on my wall; 6 – elephant printed cloth on my wall; 7 – how pretty the weather was on my birthday morning; 8 – my belated birthday present for Saskia.