Eskimo style

by Saskia

Today was the first day of snow in the Netherlands. I think it might have been snowing somewhere up north in the country already, but I saw the first snowflakes today! I absolutely love snow, cosy winternights on the couch and Christmas, but I can’t seem to get used to the cold. It’s only the first day of actually cold weather so far and I’m already freezing outside. So as a result of me trying to protect myself from becoming a popsicle, I went out looking like an Eskimo.


Secretly I’m really proud of my matching… everything really. Except from my headphone-choard, which is, as you can see, bright blue. I’m in love with my new coat, which is from H&M, and my new bag, which is from a Dutch shop Hema.

jas tas

DSC05183And my mom recently made my a Ravenclaw scarf, how awesome is that? Now all my winterwear is dark blue and yellow, yay! :)