Stuffed foods

by Nina de Haan

About exactly a year ago I wrote here that you don’t ever have to be bored, because there’s plenty of things to do. One of the things I mentioned was making plushes out of felt. I was planning to start with that in last year’s holidays, but that didn’t really happen. Though, recently I did finally find my way back to my sewing supplies and now I’d like to show you what I made.

First I’ll show you the donut-with-no-hole I made three/four years ago, taking the ones of MyPaperCrane as an example:


I still like his expression, hehe.

Two and a half years ago I also made a popcorn man for Saskia, in the theme of our ‘high school dissertation’:


Well, this time I’ve tried to make something slightly more difficult than just a disc shape (this is in no way not meant to insult my donut!) or something with no true fixed shape at all, and this is what came out:

Do you like them? Both were made as small gifts, for a friend’s birthday and for my sister who graduated. Oh and I only realized later that all pluches I’ve made are representing something edible. It doesn’t surprise me much, since I pretty much like edible stuff. Oh yes.

It’s funny to read what I wrote a year ago, about procrastinating and all, what I am again doing at this very moment. When will I ever learn…