Try on some glasses

by Nina de Haan

It’s been in my ‘things I want to do sometime and/or blog about’ notebook for decades: to try on some glasses. I have been wearing contact lenses for years now, with the conviction that I didn’t have the right head to be able to wear glasses without looking like an idiot, an ugly idiot. But you know, those bitches, the contact lenses, are expensive! Wearing glasses is said to be better for  your eyes too. And trying glasses is for free, right? ‘Kijken, kijken, misschien kopen.’ And there are a lot of girls out there who look amazing sporting glasses. I want to be one of them! You know where this is going – last December I finally found the courage. So, carrying this newly found courage under my arm, I visited all opticians in town to test my glasses head hypothesis.

To do so, I tried on all available glasses, including some which will make every girl wearing them look like an idiot. But in the end, I have to discuss that there might not be something as a glasses head. We are all born without them and maybe it’s just about ‘habituation’ and finding one that suits you well.

And now we’ve come to the spectacular end of the story: here’s me  during an hour long photo shoot, smiling shyly to the optician (stylist really) through my new glasses.


I’ve had my glasses for about a month now and this is my ‘about final’ judgement: I like my glasses way more than I had expected before I went to try them. I like to alternate my glasses and contact lenses, but I think my preference is on the glasses side, mostly because it’s just easy. I think it’s nice to have both and so the advantages of both. Lenses are handy when it comes to swimming, seeing movies in 3D, slicing onions and extensive cuddling, and I don’t like the combination of my glasses with (other) accessories, so when I want to wear these other things, I prefer wearing lenses.

Hell yeah. I hope you found it interesting and when you are like me afraid that glasses, or anything else really, won’t suit you: go try! Trying’s for free and there’s really not much to lose.